Angkor Cambodian Bistro

Michelin guide bib gourmand 2017 / 2018 / 2019

"... in a city that prides itself on ethnic eats, this fresh bistro offers one of the few true places for Cambodian food in Manhattan."

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"In Mr. Truong’s take on Cambodian amok, sea bass is stuffed with fat prawns and scallops, submerged in red curry and baked in a banana-leaf bowl ... The curry is mild and familiar, but the rich, dense texture, between pudding and mousse, is a wonder."

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The main room — presided over by a long-lobed Buddha statue facing the doorway — never feels crowded, even with a full house. Weather permitting, consider sitting in the back courtyard. Under the shade of skyscrapers and surrounded by natural wood ...

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Inspired by Cambodia, Chef Minh Truong Wants to
Bring the 'Best the Kingdom Has to Offer'

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